How Many Dates To Wait To Have Sex?

At this moment, three-date-rule doesn’t apply anymore. If it doesn’t apply though, how many dates should I wait just to get laid? Should I follow grandmother and her traditional beliefs? Or should I listen to the beat of ‘thirsty’ genitals? Seriously, when is the perfect time?

Don’t freak out. Science knows now how long you need to wait to get the climax you’ve been yearning for.

Based on the new survey conducted by, usually, couples wait for about 5 dates prior to sleeping together, making them approximately 35% happier than those who hurriedly had sex during their first date. You should be aware that holding your hormone a bit longer is the best way to establish good relationships. Don’t let lust come into your head first.

Another study that was participated with 2,000 adults from the United States discovered that an average individual can wait until their date eight right before they take things way deeper. The said study was conducted by Groupon and it showed that men intimacy is appropriate any moment from their date five while women argue that they will wait until date nine to proceed to the next level.

It has been documented that men agreed nine times with having sex after their first date. However, around 30% of men and roughly 85 of women perceive sex as something which must occur within the first three dates.

Waiting is beneficial

However, many studies proved that delaying intimacy can lead to a happier and lasting relationship. Say for instance, a research of more 2,000 married individuals said that the more couples wait for sex, the stronger they will be in the future. The fact is couple who wait until their marriage has stable as well as satisfied life than those who have it right away. While this is a good news for us, but it doesn’t work just like that.

To further explain why waiting a bit longer before having sex is a wise decision, Robert Seymour, an excellent mathematician along with Peter Sozou, a social scientist performed a certain study proved to enjoy the perks of dating stage before sleeping together lets the man demonstrate to the woman his good sides. This pertains to his ability and willingness to care for the woman and possible offspring after sex. Unsurprisingly, sex and dating are strongly bonded with the concept of making babies.

Accordingly, the question is; do you want to have sex with this person? Are you willing to give yourself to this man? If you don’t have the answer right now, don’t have sex with the guy because you don’t know what will happen if you commit a mistake in a single night. If you can’t handle the emotional consequences of making that mistake, then you shouldn’t. Remember that you are dating because you want to know a person who is really interested in YOU not in SEX.

Dating does not have to be sexual. What is really essential is you find a guy who is on the same forte that you feel comfortable and could lead you to happily ever after. A real man never pressures a woman to do something that she’s never ready to do. But remember, we’re just here to encourage and help you decide what to do.


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